Acid trip washes transcendental desert roads.

LMX are hand painted vintage leather jackets, baring the scars of their time, and adorned with imagery perhaps most inspired through the Lessons of Don Juan.


Quilted with a history of sun burns, field roamers, thunder clouds, metaphors, pheromones, back seats, musty cars, Easy Rider, the Dust Bowl, Marpha lights, occult obsessions, decades of counter culture that has been forgotten, found, stapled lost scarred arrested loved run over andoverandoverandover, bought, sold, resurrected, LMX branded like a steer and painted by me, Sara Lemieux. Foraged vintage leather steeped in lessons from the road, providing you with protection from the elements and exposing images of the inner spirit.



“If it is convenient to him, the hunter hides from the power by covering himself and remaining motionless until the twilight is gone and the power has sealed him into its protection.”

-Don Juan Journey into Ixtlan


YOUR LMX JACKET HAS A LIFETIME WARRANTY, as long as I am alive. Painted with a waterproof acrylic leather paint and coated with a leather varnish.  Your jacket was made from the organic roaming cattle and your artwork is a hand painted gem.  It will scar, it will whither, and it WILL stand against the elements of rain and snow. However, it IS an organic entity that needs a little special attention and love to improve its longevity. If you run into cracking issues, I will retouch your painting free of charge, shipping not included.

Please contact me with any questions about custom work, sizing, shipping, graphics, etc. I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you.


Peace Love Happiness

Sara Lemieux